An installation barrier is nothing but the perception of someone or something based on prior knowledge or prejudice. Past experience imperceptibly, unknowingly, prepares a person to react, to act in this way and not otherwise.

The role of the installation in human mental activity has become known through the research of an eminent psychiatrist and psychologist. Installation facilitates adaptation to life circumstances. Once developed, it remains in a more or less long time. The installation is characterized by the degree of ease of formation, decay rate, mobility, stability and other parameters. Each person has different parameters, which largely determines the identity of the individual.

  • However, installation often interferes with interpersonal communication. First of all, it interferes with the adequate perception of this or that person.
  • Installations can be negative and positive depending on whether we are negatively or positively prepared to treat this or that person, phenomenon.
  • The perception of the same phenomenon by different people may be different. It depends on their individual settings.

In a conversation, a negative setting can be directed to:

  1. the identity of the interlocutor himself (if someone else had said the same thing, it would have been perceived quite differently);
  2. the essence of the conversation (“I cannot believe it,” “so to speak is unacceptable”);
  3. the circumstances of the conversation (“now is not the time and there is no place for such discussions”).

A person can worry deeply if he sees a prejudiced attitude towards himself. He has to spend a lot of mental strength to control his actions, to ponder how they can be perceived and interpreted by others.

But often this can be avoided. Going to a business meeting with a new partner, take care of the preliminary recommendation of an authoritative person. If there is none, and your business partner has a negative attitude towards the company or organization that you represent, do not try to convince him that he is mistaken. Take calmly hostility as a manifestation of human weakness and lack of culture. Then the unfair attitude will not hurt you, and soon it will completely disappear, because your deeds and actions will force the partner to change his mind. With the Radiant barrier installation this is a very important pattern now.

Characteristic barrier communication styles

Each person, as you know, has his own preferred style of business communication. It depends on the temperament of a person, his character, worldview, moral principles, profession, environment, objectively developing situation, etc. It manifests itself in the manner of behavior, features of speech, intensity and purpose of communication. Expressing the inner essence of a person, the communication style of one person may be poorly compatible with the style of communication of another.

So, if both partners prefer a ritual style of communication, they can achieve interaction if they wish and with certain skills. But if people encounter a manipulative and humanistic style of communication, it is hardly necessary to talk about cooperation.

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